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  • Version selection:

    Casual Edition (Kuan Song) RS competitive Version (FIT) Integrated competitive Version (FIT)
  • Make coat:

    A sleeveless vest Long sleeve Short sleeve Long sleeved plus velvet Short sleeved pants Jumpsuit 1/2 Long sleeve 1/2 pants Iron three piece suit
  • Zipper Technology:

    Fully open zipper Half open invisible zipper
  • Set download:

    1/2 pants (shorts) Suspender shorts Strap trousers Spring summer 4/4 pants Grab 4/4 pants 3/4 pants (seven points)
  • About style design:

    Self design Free design pattern      please contact us QQ:
  • About logo:

    Print santic LOGO Don't santic LOGO
  • Upper body material:

    Needle & bird eye Horseshoe & bright side Bamboo & Coffee Sugar & peas The fish net + milk silk Draw down and grab
  • Upper body Collage:

    Upper body material Yi Bo mesh Slub The fish net
  • Lower body fabric:

    Black high elastic polyester ammonia Black high ammonia Black Suede polyester Black scratch.
  • Lower body pieces:

    Main body fabric all black High elastic ordinary polyester ammonia High elastic cotton Cotton polyester cotton
  • Trousers pad:

    Basic (or) iron three options Middle end (neutral) High end VIP Import pad
  • Zipper:

  • Jacket cuffs:

    Elastic edge The elastic hem 3.5 imported non slip belt
  • Night reflection:

    Yes No
  • Non slip band:

    Elastic edge The elastic hem 3.5 imported non slip belt
  • The cuffs slip belt:

    Double foot mouth Dot slip with silica gel Ma grain slip zone 3.5 imported non slip belt
  • Custom number

    <50 sets >=50 sets >=200 sets
  • Other custom:

    Spring and summer sleevelet Autumn and winter Riding cap
    Leg cover in spring and summer Autumn and winter legs T-shirt

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